Ensuring patient access to transformative therapies by optimising pricing, reimbursement and real world evidence strategies

With the increase in the number of cell and gene therapies being developed and coming to market globally and the potential to revolutionise the treatment of disease, this summit will discuss strategies for pricing and contracting cell or gene therapies that will allow payers to fund these innovative and significantly beneficial therapies to result in rapid patient access.




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This focused two day agenda includes panel discussions and keynote talks from across the Cell and Gene Therapy value chain, including market access and pricing thought leaders and HTA and RWE policy makers

  1. Learn how HTA bodies from the EU top 5, Russia, and the US are adapting their methodologies for cell and gene therapies and how this will impact launching these innovative therapies onto the market
  2. Understand how to develop and implement a successful commercialization strategy for cell and gene therapies from those that have their therapies on the market and are close to market launch
  3. Identify what the preferred and realistic payment models for cell and gene therapies are from global payers